The Simple Way to Boost Customer Loyalty & Increase Profits Without Spending a Fortune

Learn the 4-step process that makes customers fall in love with you. | Taught By Jack Heald
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Jack Heald
Jack Heald

About the instructor

Hi, I'm Jack Heald, creator of Irresistible Persona.

If you want customers to stick with you - through thick and thin - then you'll have to capture their emotions, not just capture their commitment. If you want to capture their business, then you must capture their hearts.

In Irresistible Persona, you will learn to capture the hearts of your target audience - whoever they may be. The secret is 3 specific qualities that no human being can resist. 

With this simple 4-step technique, I'll teach you how to create a personal brand that is so magnetic, your customers will want to be loyal to you.

About Me:

I've studied the art and science of persuasion since 1990. This introductory course combines the very best thinking from my research in the fields of cognitive science, neuroscience, psychology, embodied cognition, persuasion, hypnosis, and neural linguistic programming. 

Oh, and a lot of my personal experience as well.


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Create the Emotion That Keeps 'Em Coming Back

The fastest, cheapest way to increase profits is to increase customer loyalty. Customers who keep buying cost you less. That's obvious.

Customer reward programs don't work though. The Stanford Graduate Business School proved it.

What does work? Love. 

Love will keep 'em coming back.

In Irresistible Persona, you'll learn the simple psychological techniques that make your customers fall in love with you.

This course combines the best thinking from several branches of Brain Science: neuroscience, cognitive science, evolutionary psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, even hypnosis.

Know this. Although science describes how these techniques work, these aren't new discoveries. The techniques have been around for centuries.

They've been proven in religion and rock bands, in sports and social movements, in politics and in cults of personality.

They've never before been compiled into one single training course that anyone can apply, though. 

Until now.

Increase your influence. Be recognized as an expert. Be trusted as a leader. And be loved by your customers.

Create an Irresistible Persona.

In The Irresistible Persona, you will learn:

  • Which old-style branding techniques waste your money, and why to avoid them
  • The "Two-Brain" secret most marketers overlook
  • The 4-Step technique for crafting an irresistible brand persona (Hollywood screenwriters use it!)


So grab a cup of coffee, relax in your favorite chair and enjoy learning these time-tested techniques. It will transform your brand -- and your life -- for good.

Engagement Equals Influence

How do you influence your audience?

If your personal brand does not provoke an emotional response in an audience, then you aren’t getting engagement. And without engagement, you have no influence.

So how do you provoke an emotional response? And how do you make it stick?

And can you do it without spending thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars?


In Irresistible Persona, you will see how it's done and learn how to do it yourself.

We use brain science to craft a powerful, irresistible personal brand.

  • A brand that gets recognized
  • A brand that is trusted
  • A brand that shapes opinion

How To Craft an Irresistible Persona

In Irresistible Persona, you will learn exactly what to do to craft a brand persona that people recognize, admire and relate to.

The fastest, most reliable way to do that is to use psychological shortcuts that work on every human being. This course combines the best thinking from psychology, neuroscience and cognitive science to give you those shortcuts.

It may sound complex, but we break it down into small, bite-size chunks. 

You’ll discover:

  • Which 20th-century Marketing Ideas Don’t Apply in the 21st Century
  • The 4 Qualities of a Believable Persona
  • The Science of Emotional Bonding - and How to Apply It
  • The 4 Questions You Must Answer to Win Permanent Loyalty, (and how to answer them)

And you’ll learn a time-tested four-step technique to create the type of persona that people admire, trust and relate to.

Influence. Persuade. Lead.

With the science of emotional bonding, you’ll understand why these techniques work.

Even better, you will know exactly how to deploy them. And when.

Examples and Exercises

This course features examples of seven different people with powerful personal brands. From Oprah to Lady Gaga, you’ll study the characteristics that make their brands powerful. In every case, you'll see that they use the same techniques.

You’ll learn each element of each techniques.

Then, you’ll learn how to use them yourself.

You will not only know how to craft an irresistible personal brand, you will have actually crafted one for yourself.

WARNING: This Course May Not Be For You...

If you're looking for easy, then you will not be happy with what you learn here. There a lot of small, powerful steps you must take to turn yourself into an internet sensation.

It is not easy to do. But it is simple.

I break it down into easy-to-understand, easy-to-follow action steps.

What You Can Expect

The purpose of this course is to give you the tools to create a powerful personal brand. The goal is to give your brand tremendous influence and power over your chosen market.

To accomplish that, you will learn the techniques of creating a powerful persona.

I've distilled the best research from several branches of brain science and professional persuasion so you learn exactly how to apply these insights to your own personal brand.

This powerful combination of neuroscience, cognitive science, psychology, hypnosis and NLP will give you the knowledge you need to create an irresistible persona for your personal brand.

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Course Contents

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2.0 hrs