How "personal" is your brand?

How to Craft an Irresistible Persona | Taught By Jack Heald
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Jack Heald
Jack Heald

About the instructor

Hi, I'm Jack Heald, creator of Irresistible Persona.

I've studied the art and science of persuasion since 1990. This introductory course combines the very best thinking from my research in the fields of cognitive scienceneurosciencepsychologyembodied cognitionpersuasionhypnosis, and neural linguistic programming. 

Oh, and a lot of my personal experience as well.

If you want your audience to notice you, to continue to pay attention to you, and to stick with you through thick and thin, then you'll have to capture their emotions. 

If you want to capture their business, then you must capture their hearts.

In Irresistible Persona, you will learn how to capture the hearts of your target audience - whoever they may be. 

The secret is 4 words and 1 image in a combination that no human being can resist. 

With this simple 4-step technique, I'll teach you how to create a personal brand that is so magnetic, your customers will want to be loyal to you.


How Personal is Your Personal Brand?

What do you need to make your personal brand truly irresistible?

4 words. 1 image. 

That's all.

I know. I've been studying this thing called "personal branding" since 1990.

And I've boiled it down to it's essence. The essence of a powerful brand starts with 4 words and 1 image, combined in a way that makes them unforgettable.

120 Minutes from Right Now

If you started right now, that's how long it will take you to develop those 4 words and 1 image for your own personal brand. 

In How to Craft an Irresistible Persona, you learn the WHAT, WHY & HOW of creating those 4 words and 1 image for yourself.

Look at your clock.

A little over 2 hours from now...

Once you go through the course and do the exercises, you will know the WHAT. You will know the WHY. You will know the HOW.

And - even better - you will possess the right 4 words and 1 image needed to make yourself unforgettable.

(I told you it was simple.)

Is It Just for Personal Brands?

I had a client ask me, "do these techniques work for corporate brands as well?"

The answer is "yes. It's science."  

Personal brand. Corporate brand. It doesn't matter. The science works if you apply it.

It's all about using the right 4 words and the 1 right image.

Get started now.

Course Contents

11 Videos
4 Quizzes
2 Surveys
3 Texts
1.0 hr